Alien Megastructure Star is dimming its light again

Alien Megastructure Star is dimming its light again

Alien Megastructure Star is dimming its light again

That day, scientists realized that the star of the foreign Megastructure was back again, and that he began to discover what was happening.

The tabby star was first seen in the Kepler spacecraft data
Astronomers around the world are trying to understand what happens to the star and telescopes were repaired at KIC 8462852 throughout the weekend.

“As far as I can tell, all the telescopes that can be seen now look now,” said Muterspaugh, a professor at Tennessee State University, according to The Verge.
KIC 8462852 was christened Tabby’s star after Tabetha Boyajian, an astronomer at Louisiana State University, saw the strange stars some years ago after traveling Kepler’s file data, the spacecraft NASA has charged to search for planets outside Of our solar system. Boyajian was part of a scientific project called planet hunters, which allowed volunteers to analyze Kepler’s data to search for planets, and alerted the strange star.

“Our users have pointed out that to be something really interesting,” Boyajian told the Verge. “They came to the scientific team and asked: ‘What is this is not a clear planet’
Kepler’s data showed that the star has experienced extreme fluctuations in brightness over a busy planet could experience. They observed that the light of the star fell 20 percent at any given time, reflecting once observed with an irregularity of stars.

In late 2015, a Pennsylvania State University astronomer Jason Wright suggested that the dives were caused because large meteorites created by an extraterrestrial civilization were in orbit around the star, which would explain the strange changes. Wright said at that time that foreigners should always be the last event to be taken into account, but the phenomenon seemed something one would expect from an extraterrestrial civilization to build. After Wright’s assumption, the star is also known as the star of “foreign meta-structure”.

Astronomers are looking for a natural explanation in the light of the star is immersed Foreign Megastructure
Despite Wright’s theory, scientists still have a natural explanation for dives, and some have suggested that a huge swarm of giant comets orbit the star periodically. Boyajian said they were stranded in a place where they could not do anything because they had all the data but to learn something new they needed to catch the star back into action. The problem is that the star is very unpredictable, fluctuations are not repetitive, and do not seem to follow a pattern, making it difficult for scientists to learn when the star again would.

“Things that change the brightness of a star occur in a very regular pattern,” Muterspaugh said, according to The Verge. “And from what we can say so far, [the star] is not periodic. We can not predict when this happens, and this makes it very strange.”
Given the unpredictability of the star, astronomers looked at Tabby’s star daily as they learned degrading behavior. Boyajian has even started a Kick starter campaign titled “Where’s the Current?” To receive the funds to secure enough telescope time to see the star. The campaign has raised more than $ 100,000, which allowed Boyajian and other astronomers to set up a one-year follow-up program through Las Cumbres Observatory, which has telescopes stationed around the world. Muterspaugh has also launched an observation campaign with robotic telescopes at the Fairborn Observatory in Arizona, and one of them is fixed permanently on the star. Astronomers have not noticed strange activity on the star in recent years.

All theories are still possible, including foreign meta- structure
However, on April 24 Fairborn data showed that the star was slightly attenuated, and although it was not enough for astronomers to think it was the star again, they remained on guard. Then, about a month later, the star has still dropped significantly. Now, astronomers have the opportunity to use their arsenal of telescopes to observe the foreign Megastructure stars and depressions that occur.

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