CNN Story About Source of Trump Wrestling Video Draws Backlash

CNN Story About Source of Trump Wrestling Video Draws Backlash

The 28-second video and its source have had problems since Sunday morning when the president is shaking as he continued his attacks on the media. The tweet, which was returned by the presidency’s official count, has become Trump’s most common position on Twitter, The Associated Press reported.

CNN said on Tuesday it had found and talked to the Reddit user, who apologized for creating video and other racist and anti-Semitic articles, including the ones that Jews added starred CNN personalities. A CNN reporter, Andrew Kaczynski said he had confirmed the identity of the user and that he had talked to him over the phone.

But the article Kaczynski did not identify the user as a “private citizen.” M. Kaczynski later said on Twitter that the user Reddit was “a middle-aged man.”

CNN wrote in the article that he did not publish the user’s name, “since he is a private citizen who has made a great statement of apology, showed remorse, saying that he had removed all his offensive messages, and because he said he did not repeat this behavior Ugly Go to social networks again. Also, he said his statement could be an example for others not doing the same.

In another tweet, M. Kaczynski said the Reddit user called him after publishing the story and said, “I totally agree with his statement. I have not been threatened in any way.”

Some critics, including Donald Trump Jr., talked about the Reddit user in 15 years, but it was not clear on which to base this conclusion. M. Kaczynski has categorized the claim, saying that the user was an adult and that M. Trump and others intentionally “spread false information”.

The network has been a frequent target of attacks as it covers the correct Trump administration.

Ted Cruz, the Republican senator, said the CNN story was “troubling” and suggested that extortion could be considered.

In a statement, Matt Dornic, a spokesman for the network, said that “CNN has decided not to publish the Reddit user name for fear of its security,” and that “any suggestion that the network handcuffed him and forced false.”

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