Environment, Biodiversity, Climate Change and Calamities

  • ‘Montreal Protocol’ is related to


  • Organisation related to ‘Red Data Book’ or ‘Red List’ is


  • Which country introduced ‘Green Army for environment conservation’ ?


  • The example of ‘Lentic Habitat’ in fresh water community is

—Ponds and Swamps

  • The term ‘brown air’ is used for

—Industrial smog

  • Periyar wildlife sanctuary is located in


  • Indravati National Park is located in


  • Which SAARC nation is considered as ‘Carbon Negative Country’ of the world ?


  • The primary source of energy in an ecosystem is

—Solar energy

  • The ‘Man and Biosphere Pro­gramme (MAB)’ by UNESCO was started in


Sports and Games

ik The most memorable moment of a presentation is

—The closing of the presentation

  • If there is no receiver, there is no


  • The translation and interpreta­tion of the message for under­standing is called


  • The formulation of message is

called                           ‘—Encoding

  • What are the two kinds of verbal communication ?

—Written and Oral

  • A conclusion made by reasoning

is called                       —Inferring

  • The study of body language is

called                           —Kinesics

  • The study of space language is

called                           —Proxemics

  • Oral communication is also called

—Interpersonal communication

  • First step of preparing oral presentation is to determine the

—Purpose [1]

  • Greenfield Stadium is located in


  • How many players can play in a

team of Basketball ?          —Five

  • Durand Cup and Santosh Trophy are Indian tournaments of


  • International Migrants Day is

observed on         —December 18

  • Jnanpith award in India is given

for outstanding work in the field of        —Literature

  • ‘The Substance and the Shadow’ is the autobiography of

—Dilip Kumar

  • Firewall is used in communica­tion Network/System for protec­tion from

—Unauthorized attack

  • FTP stands for

—File Transfer Protocol

  • The ship building yard— Mazgaon Dock is located in


  • Where is the headquarters of

United Nations Industrial Deve­lopment Organisation (UNIDO) located ?      —Vienna (Austria)

  • Institute of Indian Film and Television is located at


  • Deen Dayal Upadhyay Gram Jyoti Yojana is associated with

—Continuous power supply to rural India

  • India’s largest e-commerce company is


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What to do when a wind-bag insists on thrusting his verbosity on me ? Or wants to have the last word ? Interrupts when you talk or goes on repeating himself, insulting your intelligence ? On many occasions have I resisted the temptation of saying shut up. But I don’t know how much longer I can hold myself back.

I will hold on to my be-good- thing because the impression is gathering ground that rudeness pays.

It gets things done; it gets you quic- service; it permits you to do mar things which good manners forbic Freedom is, thus, turned into liberty

Are jangled nerves and bac temper any substitute of a harmo­nious life ? Will it not make life smooth and pleasant without bile ?

Politeness cannot be as taxing, and as hard and hurtling. If there i- anything we need badly today, in the rush and cut-throat competition or life, it is conduct which rounds off the roughness of character and chisels i: into harmony.

The choice is between curtnes? and courtesy; bad and good manner? and between politeness and insolence Politeness consists in treating other- just as you love to be treated yourself It is kindness softly expressed.

Discourtesy reveals a cluster or bad qualities like vanity, ignorance, indolence, stupidity, distraction o: thought and contempt of others feelings.

Courtesy is good sense combined with good nature-a little self-denial for the sake of others, especially for those we live with.

Marriage, for example, is a delicate and difficult relationship. It needs tact and patience. And loads of politeness. The wife needs it from the husband and vice-versa. The irate, tired ‘wife does not need roughness. She needs gift of sweet word, wrap­ped in a ribbon of courtesy.

TJrat is why it is defined as benevolence in small things. The husband who takes a wee-bit of care of his wife’s tea at party, shows this in practice.

Similarly, the husband who opens the door for her shows his ‘courtesy’. There are forms of poli­teness. One says : “Look! How good I am.” The other says “I will make you happy.”

Formalities are not courtesy which ought to be natural and unstudied in the informality of two dear friends. It shows an amiable disposition in trifles.

It is a desire to bring about in words and actions that by which we please others. In other words, it is a great greaser of harmony and happi­ness.



[1]      Which team emerged the cham­

pion of ICC under-19 World Cup-2016 ? —West Indies

  • Bhim Rao Ambedkar Inter­

national Sports Stadium is located at       —Faizabad

  • Author of the book ‘One-day Wonders’ is

—Sunil Gavaskar

  • The book ‘Ashes Diary 2015’ has been written by

—Michael Clarke

  • Which nation emerged the over­

all champion of 12th South Asian Games ?             —India

  • Which team won the Hockey India League-2016 crown ?

—Punjab Warriors

  • Front Crawl, Spring board, Butter fly etc., are the terms associated with


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