Oxford student gets abuses and threat on Quora for ‘easily’ solving ITT-JEE question paper

Internet is both dark and fun. If there are funny memes and videos of animals to console you and make you laugh, there are also several wild trolls that threaten to tear you apart.

And the rather dark side of the Internet was highlighted by a Quora user who shared one of the “worst responses received in Quora.” Jack Fraser, a third year physics student at Oxford University has already been marked in Quora and was invited to address a JEE questions paper.

Often considered the most difficult exam, the document has been resolved by Fraser “as one-third of the time allotted and with 100% correct.” However, all hell is released when he chose to share it on social networks.

Fraser was abused without rest by the Indians and was called a liar. But things got worse when some people find their family on Facebook and sent “graphic images of the male genitalia” to their mother. And that was not all.

His brother was threatened and his Facebook profile photo has reported, a couple of times, for a “graphic indecency.” “It was a particularly nasty thing that happened to me a few weeks ago.

This is where I made my mistake. I told them how I came across. I did it in about a third of the time authorized and with 100% correct.
Big mistake.

I am a student in physics third year. This is a high level paper, taken by 17 year olds who have not spent 3 years in college studying physics. I was doing physical exams every year for almost 7 years.

Multiple choice makes them immensely easier exams. As I explained in this answer here, so it is not surprising that I have found a test designed for people with lower educational level in physics than I quite easy.

It’s nothing special – no one is surprised when a 6 year old can walk and a baby can not. It would be far more worrisome than £ 27,000 spent over 3 years at one of the best universities in the world not preparing me for a college admission test! Now I have explained all this in my answer, in detail.

It did not go well. They called me a liar. Insults were launched. A guy calls me scum. I was told there was no way I would go well, it is simply reviewing the most difficult to face the face of this planet.

This material was quite smooth – Quora and took care of the abuse very well that I have no complaints. But then, some people have erased Quora. They found my Facebook.

They found my family’s Facebook. My mother had graphic images of the male genitalia. My brother was sent threats. My Facebook profile picture was reported for “graphic indecency” several times, and I had a lot of abusive messages that appear in my “Request Message” box.

One guy sent me a photo of my (ex) university, saying that they did not know where he lived, and I was a “razor”. It really was quite traumatic. I deleted the answer and a few days later, the whole thing was suppressed by moderation.

I do not know if it was a guy who was using dozens of accounts (which were all fake profiles) or a conspiracy of several people, but eventually collapsed. The Book of the Square (slowly) treated, and things are distributed. My mom always refers to this as “the time when this guy had such low self-esteem that I considered his worst as the worst possible insult.”

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